Cummings-Baccus is organized to acquire commercial real estate properties throughout the United States with a historical focus on the Southwest. Since 1992, Cummings-Baccus has been successful in the acquisition of 47 properties in 30 different markets. These transactions have included office, industrial, retail and raw land properties involving industry leaders such as British Petroleum, Clarke American, Columbia/HCA, Reliance Insurance and Wells Fargo.

Cummings-Baccus targets real estate investments generally ranging in size from $5 million to $50 million. The company utilizes its unique combination of deep capital resources and flexible financial structures to accelerate underwriting and maximize acquisition pricing.

The Cummings-Baccus acquisition focus is the evolution of years of experience with individual and corporate sellers of real estate. The company has the proven ability to successfully price and consummate transactions generally described as:

  • Institutional size deals with unconventional property types, locations or Portfolio purchases of surplus assets

  • Highly structured full and/or partial sale-leasebacks

  • Balance sheet driven corporate transactions

  • Pre-development raw land

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